Minimum Quantities and the Small Order Boxing Charge
We ship throughout the conitinental United States and Alaska. While we will ship as few as 3 chicks, with the exception of Alaska were our minimum is 10, it is best to ship a full box of 25. A full box of 25 provides stability and heat.

However, we understand often people for any of a number of reasons are unable to meet the minimum quantities and we will ship fewer chicks as indicated. However, this requires extra preparation: adding 72-hour heat pack(s) and additional packaging material to the box to compensate for the fewer birds. For this service there is an additional Small Order Boxing Charge of $7.95 to cover the added time and materials.
Hatchery Pickups
Orders being picked up at the hatchery, will be available the day after hatching between the hours of 9am-5pm. Please call the hatchery with an estimated time of arrival on your pickup day or to make special arrangements.  Orders not picked up by 5pm (without special arrangements) will be considered abandoned and will be available for resale with no refund due the customer.

Priority or Express Mail
We deliver all orders shipping via USPS to the Portland distribution center by 4pm on hatch day and shipments are processed out that same evening. Zones 1 and 2 usually receive their orders the next morning.  Express Mail is also available for anyone who wants it as an upgrade. You might take weather conditions and distance into consideration when deciding. However, since we take our orders to the post office at 4pm Express Mail is not guaranteed for overnight delivery. Nearly 100% of our shipments are USPS Priority mail with only a  negligible rate of loss.

Calculate Shipping Charge
The shipping charge is calculated by first determining your ZONE. To do this, use the first three digits of your delivery zip code to find the corresponding zone in the Zone Chart. Second, locate your breed and quantity in the Shipping Charges table. The shipping charge is then found in the column under your zone. (Note:Remember when ordering less than the minimum quantities noted above the order is subject to a small order boxing charge of $7.95 in addition to the USPS shipping charges.)

Picking Your Order Up at the Post Office
Your live chick order will be sent using the USPS "Hold for Pickup" service. With this service  your order is held at the post office serving your address and you are called when the order arrives. This greatly reduces the stress on chicks as they are not riding around with the postal carrier. Your phone number will be on the mailing label. Therefore, it is important you give us the best number at which to reach you.

Shipping Guarantee
We guarantee 100% live delivery of the quantity you ordered as indicated on the packing slip providing  you inspect your shipment with the postal clerk when you pick it up.

Enclosed with the order is a Chick Care sheet and on the backside you will find a Declaration of Poultry Condition Upon Pickup. If there is a problem with your order, complete the form and obtain the postal clerk’s signature or stamp. This will expedite any insurance claim or replacement of chicks. Orders of 25 or more will include up to 4% extra chicks to cover an occasional loss in shipping. Our maximum liability is the price paid for the chicks including the shipping charges.
Priority Mail Rates (USPS)
When placing your order, it is best to give us a call.
We'll have current inventory information for each hatch date
and answer any question you might have.
Hatch Dates

We guarantee live delivery of the quantity you ordered.

Always inspect your order while at the post office. 

If you have a loss, use our enclosed form found on the Chick Care insert included with the packing slip. This form requires the postal clerk's signature or stamp.
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USPS Zone Chart
We are able to ship to the continental 48 states and Alaska.
Subject to your state's poultry import regulations at time of shipping.

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Shipping Information
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