Straight Run Only - With the exception of the Caramel Queen, which is a sex-link, all 2016 poultry is sold unsexed. This is referred to as "straight run". As each chick is picked to fill your order there is a 50/50 chance of it being male or female. According to the laws of probability, the smaller the order the greater the chance of having a higher number of males or females. Straight Run chicks are also healthier and more active having not undergone the sexing procedure.

We can not guarantee a 50/50 mix of males and females however we can guarantee you are receiving a true random selection. Some hatcheries will sex their entire hatch, then backfill their straight run orders with an excessive number of males having saved the females to sell at a premium. This is not our practice.

Quality - Farwest Hatchery chicks are guaranteed to be of the grade quality, sex and breed as represented. We follow approved and recommended methods of flock control and egg selection. Our hatchery operation adheres to rigid biological security, sanitary and disease control practices.

Healthy and Disease Free Poultry - Farwest Hatchery strives to produce the highest quality poultry. However, we do not guarantee our poultry to be free of any disease which could not be ascertained at the time of shipment. At our descrestion we will offer a one time replacement or a full refund of the price paid including shipping. Our liability is limited to the total price paid for the poultry order.  Under no circumstances should poultry ever be returned to the hatchery.

100% Live Delivery - Our rigid standards allow us to guarantee you will receive your full number of live and healthy poultry. We will often place a few, up to 4%, extra chicks in the box just in case. If you ever receive less live chicks than you ordered, we will make it right! We may offer a refund or replacement of the lost poultry. However, our liability is limited to the price paid for the order.

You must open your boxes immediately, while at the post office, and inspect your order. If you do not have a full order of live poultry, you should do the following:

1. Your order will have attached a packing slip and a Chick Care insert. On the backside of the care form is a section entitled Declaration of Poultry Condition Upon Pickup, complete the details and ask the postal agent to stamp and initial the form. We must have this form and stamp to process your claim.

2. If possible take pictures of the packaging and contents. Send these to us with
your form.

NOTE: Any loss must be reported to the hatchery, with supporting documentation, within 3 days of receipt for an adjustment to be made. You may call immediately to alert us of the problem but the signed and stamped document is essential for our processing.

While email works great for general questions, when ordering it is best to give us a call. We'll have current inventory details for the specific week you are wanting to receive chicks..We can not stress enough that you have a confirmed order when you receive a confirmation with an order number from the hatchery. If you don't receive confirmation within 24 hours  please contact us.

Terms of Payment
Payment is due at the time the order is taken. We utilize PayPal for credit card processing and checks are accepted providing they clear 10 days prior to your ship date. We do not ship COD.

Returned Checks / Declined Cards
Customers with a check returned to us, for non-sufficient funds (NSF), will be charged a $35 return check fee. We will contact you for an alternate form of payment. Since you process your own credit card with PayPal we have no fees for declined credit cards however your order is not confirmed until payment is received.

Live poultry orders canceled at least 14 days prior to the scheduled hatch/ship date will receive a full refund. There are no refunds on live poultry orders canceled less than 14 days prior to hatch/ship date.

Privacy Policy
Farwest Hatchery LLC values our customers and the trust we have developed. We do not sell or in anyway share our customer information. Credit cards are processed by you via PayPal. Farwest Hatchery does not request or retain any credit card information from our customers.
Newly hatched chicks have a 3 day supply of yolk still in their system. This will sustain them during shipment. Farwest Hatchery ships on  Mondays, except for holidays when we then ship on Tuesdays, your poultry should arrive at your post office within 2 days.  Your confirmed order will indicate your hatch/ship date.  You should be very flexible around your delivery date so you can pick up your birds immediately and get them to your brooder to settle in and begin eating and drinking. 

YOUR RESPONSIBILITY is to provide an environment with proper heat, food and water and to report any delivery issues to us as outlined below in the 100% Live Delivery section. See our chick care page for preparation.
Care Instructions &
  Loss Claim Form

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